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    I am The Diversity Projekt. This is my space in the universe where I talk about the successes and challenges of navigating my 20s my 30s as mixed, queer, and trans-national. I talk about my family, getting to know my birth-father’s family, making a home in my new city – the ATL, community organizing, and my ever-evolving career. This is life as I know it! I will share my stories. Will you share yours?

Barbies Dolls Escorts escort service has a wealth of experience and has shared their opinions and first world experience dealing with trans-national and gay clients, friends and staff and how it differs in today’s climate. Stay tuned for many new blog posts added here. Look in your email for our notifications.


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    I envision a world that is equitable and just, and believe that promoting initiatives, causes and individuals who are also committed to that vision is paramount to achieving this goal. Have a book, film, or documentary you want me to review or feature? Want me to highlight your event, project or cause? I want to hear from you!
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    My Date In New York


So I recently went on a date in New York with someone I met online. I would rather not say which website because I don’t want anyone to stalk me 🙂

The guy I met, I later learned was someone that uses a lot of dating sites. According to him hes “playing the numbers game to find mrs right” he even admitted to calling some escorts services as a way to have some female companionship for an event when no one else was an option.

Needless to say, while the beginning of the date was fine, he was decent looking, tall, in shape, well dressed, carried himself well and classy, as the date progressed I found myself more and more creeped out.

It’s one thing to be on many dating sites but it’s another to admit it and almost talk about it as if it’s an accomplishment. It is nothing to brag about. In fact, it makes you look desperate, so keep that info to yourself. I’m actually on a few sites myself, but I would never tell anyone (wink, wink).

What I found interesting is that he admits to calling an escort service. I’m not sure how I feel about that one. In one hand I admire that he has the money and know how to get that done, but on the other hand I am a little uncomfortable that he would have to pay a company in order to have a girl go on a date with him.

After all that dating and playing the field do you not have a date available for an important function. It doesn’t have to be a romantic interest it can even be a real friend. So many ladies are open to functions that it isn’t considered a “date”.

How decent looking guy can’t find someone or actually needs to pay someone is weird to me.

So while we didn’t have a “love connection” I think I found some warning signs to look out for. I know that I will ask about escorts and other dating sites as that seems like a red flag to me.

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